CLICK the floppy to the left if you want to peep the very FIRST DRAFT of 8MM. Embarrassingly "warts and all," as I have described it in the past, this is pretty much exactly what went out as a spec. 

I have never seen the movie.  And I  have not read the script in a long time myself, but will try to someday soon and may add a few comments.

What strikes me is how ridiculously overlong it is, and that's only partly because of my self-indulgent over-describing.  It was 138 pages when it went out as a spec script, but with the formatting I use now -- which is more strict -- it's a hefty 140.  Ugh.

I used to double space between the groups of related scenes, but nowadays insert a "CUT TO:" in the far right instead, which would be three spaces between, not just two, which would make it EVEN LONGER!

More on formatting later + elsewhere. + Fullz for sale

(Amazing illustration to the right is from the book by ARTHUR RACKHAM.)  It was all KEVIN YAGHER's idea to adapt SLEEPY HOLLOW, and basically this script is what we came up with; pretty far along in the development process with Scott Rudin.  There is an out-of-print book -- incorrectly credited solely to me -- containing a vastly rewritten script, but here is the script before all of THAT...

The very FIRST DRAFT I sent out as a spec script.  All my sad AMATEURISHNESS  on display.  Be kind.

Click to the left... one of my proudest achievements.  Written for a science fiction version of TALES FROM THE CRYPT, basically.  The series was short-lived.  I worked with the late, great SCOTT NIMERFRO.  Love + miss him.

Tobe Hooper directed a great cast.

I laugh every time I watch it.  It's out there somewhere, on YouTube.